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Even though at times it may feel that the bottom has fallen beneath your feet, the fact is that life does not come to an end when one is diagnosed as being HIV/AIDS positive. For sure, the manner of one’s life does change dramatically as one must take the appropriate medications to suppress the illness and use all precautions to ensure that one does not spread the virus to others.

Finding out that you are HIV positive is a harsh psychological blow, and indeed your manner of life has been forever altered, but you must and you have accepted your condition, however reluctantly, and realize that you must go on living your life to its fullness. You also realize that you are fortunate in that you know that you have a chronic condition and with that awareness of self you can therefore take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself and others.

Denial of the HIV/AIDS virus is the worst mindset that a person can entertain because it places the individual and others at risk. Acceptance of the HIV/AIDS virus can produce a sense of hopelessness and despair and can cause one to isolate oneself from personal and intimate contact with others. Denial of the virus must be completely discarded for personal protection and the protection of others. Acceptance must be applied with the appropriate safeguards to promote an acceptable quality of life.

Someplace it is said, “it is not good for man to be alone,” and this without question includes “woman” as well. It brings mental and physical soundness into one’s life to have a congenial mate to share one’s life with. With the appropriate mate, an illness, no matter its type, does not seem so all-encompassing and overwhelming. Loneliness and depression only magnifies a problem far beyond its native state causing, in some cases, a person to feel angry, anti-social, resentful, frustrated, desperate, and abandoned.

A person who is HIV positive must be sober and realistic, which is also a prudent temperament for anyone who has a chronic illness of any type. Therefore it is not sober or realistic to deprive oneself of intimate personal contact with another human being. It is not sober or realistic to go fault-finding in determining by whom and when you contracted the virus, unless you have concrete specifics. Bitterness and anger are thieves that rob a person of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years of life that cannot be replenished or replaced. The doctor and healthcare providers prescribe medication for the body and the touch of another person is the prescribed medication for the spirit and the mind.

Life goes on. The end can come in the blink of an eye as a result of an accident far more quickly and un-expectantly than by HIV/AIDS. Do not feel that your life is over or that you should live your life as a leper isolated from physical and emotional contact with another person(s). This is what the virus is telling you and if you accept this, then that which the virus is telling you becomes true in your mannerisms and outlook on life. She is out there looking for you, wanting you, needing you, just as surely as he is out there looking for you, wanting you, needing you, for friendship, companionship, lovemaking, and togetherness to be the” Hive” (shelter and lodging) of your life and to be the “aid” (helping you to achieve emotional and physical fulfillment) as a whole person.

The purpose of Hiveaids is to bring HIV/AIDS positive people together in the spirit of life, companionship, privacy, wholesomeness, freedom, and confidentiality, and it is up to you to make the most of it. Become a member of this community and make it blossom and flourish. The Sun will shine and the rain will fall, just as the seasons continue to come and go, and you are a part of it. You are the bounty of the Universe and the majesty of the Cosmos with every right to be complete and whole. Join Now.


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