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Hiveaids.com is a network of people having a shared experience who are dedicated to promoting the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of HIV/AIDS positive individuals.

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For more than 10 years hiveaids.com has devoted its energies towards passionately advocating for HIV/AIDS positive individuals in our global family.

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations, membership, and your time.



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The mission of Hiveaids is to foster healthy relationships between HIV/AIDS positive persons.

We believe that anyone who is HIV/AIDS positive deserves the benefits and blessings of meaningful human companionship.

The only thing that we ask, “THAT WE DEMAND,” is that all participants abide by the root requirement of this social networking tool in observing and respecting the privacy and confidentiality of others.

With this respect for others privacy as our guard and standard, a meaningful relationship can be achieved without causing any harm or embarrassments to anyone.

Our Outreach team needs your help immediately. Basic medical needs. Assistance with food and shelter. 

Urgent Projects

Hope in Action

Locally, nationally and internationally, hiveaids.com is a strong vocal advocate for HIV/AIDS positive people of all ages.

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Our mission

We at hiveaids are building and growing in all love and respect for others and we deeply appreciate each new member that joins our community.

Being HIV or AIDS positive we realize that the best help that we can give to ourselves is by helping others.

Therefore we gladly spread the word about this community in order to build a firm and growing foundation where we can all move forward to a cure and comfort those in need of comfort.

The members of this community are dedicated in their desire to inform those who are at a loss as to where to get help where they can find it and encourage those who feel that they are carrying a heavy burden alone.

This is hiveaids and we love you all and encourage you to give as your heart and conscious deems fit.

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Members! Members! Become a member of  hiveaids and make a difference in many lives. 

Our Mission

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